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Executive Committee
President – Fausto Pereira (Portugal)
Vice President – Tatiana Olkhovaya (Russia)
Secretary General – Catherine Fayollet (France)
Treasurer – Marco Borzacchini (Italy)
Technical Director – Josè Costa Pereira (Portugal)
Member at Large – Birol Aydin (Turkey)
Member at Large – Javier Gutierrez (Spain)
Member at Large – Yossi Romano (Israel)
Member at Large – Lucie Francova (Czech Rep.)

Minute last meeting in Rome (2022)
Treasury Report 2022

Technical Committee
Athletics – Jose Costa Pereira (Portugal)
Basketball – Ufuk Bulut (Turkey)
Cycling – Rinus Verboom (Belgium)
Football/Futsal – John Ball (Great Britain)
Para-Hockey – Norman Hughes
Table Tennis – Yves Drapeau (France)
Skiing (Alpine) – Ricardo De Infanti (Italy)
Skiing (Nordic) – Erol Karabulut (Turkey)
Swimming – Ivan Volosach (Russia)
Virtus is the brand name of the International Sports Federation
for athletes with intellectual impairment and is a founding member
of the International Paralympic Committee.
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